To Those Who Defy Their Fate, Glory...

The Rants and Glares of a Useless Knight

[[This is an RP journal of neko_no_hanashi (Tory-mun) and is part of luceti.]]

To those who accept fate, there is happiness. To those who resist fate, glory.

...I will not succumb to such a wretched fate...I'll change it.

I will no longer cower before fate! Whatever it takes...we'll guard him...together!
-Fakir and Ahiru

Name: Fakir
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Gender: Male
Time Period: After season one of his anime
Wing Color: Dark gray

In-depth Synopse...

History. Fakir is from a city named Kinkan, a city where magic is prevalent and stories become reality. The story Fakir is apart of, the tale Kinkan is currently following, is the tale of a prince, who loves and is loved by everyone, and a Monster Raven, who wants to conquer everything with his raven darkness and eat human hearts. The Prince and the Raven, once a story, came to life upon not reaching a conclusion before its author's death, and the Monster Raven flew out of the story, pursued by the prince. The prince broke apart his own heart to seal the Monster Raven away and save the people, and in the process became a heartless doll that could not love anyone. Fakir, as a child, discovered the heartless prince, brought him home and gave him the name "Mytho"...and with that, took his fated role as knight to the prince. Although the knight is supposed to valiantly protect the prince, however, it is said that the knight will only be able to protect the prince with words, and then be slashed in half by a raven's claw without landing a single blow in protecting the prince.
Fakir did, in fact, protect Mytho solely with words as he grew up and Mytho remained the same age without his heart. Things changed, however, when a magical ballerina named Princess Tutu entered the story, as she was fated to, and started to bring Mytho's heartshards back to him. For a while, Fakir tried to resist this, knowing that if Mytho got his heart back, the story of him fighting the Monster Raven would continue, but at last accepted the story's path at Mytho's request. Nonetheless, Fakir was afraid...and he didn't trust Tutu, not until Fakir learned that "Tutu" was in fact a classmate of his and Mytho's named Ahiru. As he and Ahiru worked together to save Mytho from the clutches of the Raven Princess Kraehe, Fakir grew to accept Ahiru, for he could see that her intentions to help Mytho were sincere. Fakir fought against the ravens to save Mytho and was defeated, but Tutu was able to rescue Mytho, and for this Fakir is grateful to her even if he regrets fully that he couldn't save Mytho himself. The last thing Fakir remembers before arriving in Luceti was watching his prince and Princess Tutu dance a pas de deux beside the large fire made from the body of the puppet who had saved his life.

Personality. To most people who know him, Fakir is a very distrustful, grumpy person. He prefers to be detached from most other people, mostly because he feels they aren't worth his time or aren't to be trusted. He is very scornful, serious and cold and can easily be quite mean if pressed. To those he eventually grows to trust, however, another side is visible. One would find that Fakir is extremely loyal (to the extent of being possessive and controlling at times, but only in an attempt to benefit those he cares for), and when taken off-guard can get very flustered especially if it involves anything remotely sexual in nature. Fakir is logical, passionate and determined...and yet one, were they to know him very well, would learn that he hides a lot of fear and uncertainty to himself, especially concerning his fate of dying in vain and how able he'll be in avoiding it.

~*~The Roles Fakir's Fellow Characters Play~*~

The Prince Who the Knight Serves even if he's a moron -
Mytho (storybookprince)

The Duck, Girl and Swan Princess, Ally to the Knight even though she is clumsy and stupid -
Ahiru/Princess Tutu (ducklinged)

The Raven Princess, Foe to the Knight and first-class possessive bitch -
Rue/Princess Kraehe (lawr_itsrue

The Golden-Haired Beauty, Ally to the Knight who's just been knocked up by Senel -
Stella (goldenfirefly)

The Comic Relief Friend of the Prince, Nuisance to the Knight who refers to him as "Mr. Grumpypants" -
Norma (nicknaming)