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[Private: Accidentally Hackable]

...He's gone...

Just when he had gotten over that stupid virus, just when he'd turned back into a human...he...

...Useless...again, I have to be...

I don't know where he is...the Malnosso must have hidden him damn well, the bastards. Is he all right? Is there...truly nothing I can do to find him? I don't know what to do...I couldn't do anything before, and I can't do anything now...

Even though Princess Tutu saved Mytho from Kraehe...even though the story should be over now...am I still...unable to escape that fate I have...?

...'Unable to protect the prince with more than words'...

[/Private: Accidentally Hackable]

Stella, from what I understand, you're going to have a child? ...Congratulations.

((OOC: Why hallo there, everyone. 8D Fakir-mun finally back again...horribly sick and miserable, but here~, finally with time to update since the animal event. XD;;;; His angst is referring to Mytho's disappearance two days ago.  Strikes are scratched out, but readable.))

Chapter 5: Pawing Through Pages

*pawprints of blue ink all over the page, handwriting very scrawled*

All right. That's it. I officially hate being here. A goddamn CAT, what is wrong with this place...?

I wonder if Mytho has been turned into something stupid as well...

((OOC: HAHAHA. And this is where the mun shows her love for Disney movies. Yah: Fakir is Berlioz from the Aristocats...because he just is that cute as a little cutie kitten. <3 Of course, him being cute makes him even more crabby than usual; feel free to poke him.))

Chapter 4: An Inner Monologue

[Private: Semi-hackable to friends (Mytho, Ahiru and Stella) only]

It's been...nearly a month since then and yet I still...

...I know it must have been some trick of the Malnosso's...I never would feel something like that for Mytho. He's Mytho...and yet it felt so natural, to hold him so...holding and actually being able to protect someone for once...it felt so...

All of these emotions are just pointless...so why am I letting them bother me so...? I haven't spoken to Mytho at all about it...how can I? And I shouldn't talk about it, anyway. I should be focusing on protecting him from these ravens, not...focusing on stupid things like...my own feelings....

The ravens are flocking more...is it because of Kraehe? I don't know...but for whatever reason they're here, I can't let them get to Mytho. I will not fail my duty to him.

Damn it...my head hurts...


*As he enters the house, his voice a little hoarser than usual* Mytho, are you here?

Chapter 3: A Knight By His Prince

Mytho and I found each other. At last. I was about to wonder if I ever would... He's staying with me now, and I plan to keep him with me.

And Ahiru and Rue are here as well now. I'm not quite sure how to feel about that klutz being here, but I know we definitely don't need that black-haired pest here.

Unfortunately this moron still can barely take care of himself, and so therefore he uselessly decided to run out into town while I was asleep without bothering to say where he went. Mytho, don't do that. You know I worry about you.

How long have I been asleep, a day...? Hmph.

Does anyone have a map of the town I can borrow? I may as well learn my way around this place, if all else to keep Mytho in check.

((OOC: Strikes are a bit smudged, but pretty easily readable. Fakir is currently in love with Mytho, but you wouldn't really gather it unless you see him acting possessive and/or snogfest with Mytho, as Fakir treats anyone he really cares about the way he already treats Mytho: overprotective and gruffly concerned. XDD;; Fakir has been sleeping for the last day or so because he searched for Mytho without rest or food for six days straight, so...yeah, Fakir is a lot more tired than he's letting on.))

Chapter 2: Questing for the Prince

Three days, and still no sign of Mytho...damn it all, why does this moron always have to make things difficult?

...Well, I suppose it's pointless just looking when there are a lot of people around. Someone has to be able to tell me where that pest Norma is keeping Mytho...perhaps if I use this thing, I can get some information.

Attention, everyone on these...journals...I just arrived here, and I'm looking for someone. His name is Mytho; he's a rather naive and overly helpful idiot with white hair who can't take care of himself, and so I need to make sure he's all right. From what I understand, he's staying with a pest named Norma, so any information into either of their whereabouts would be most appreciated. 

...Damn these wings, always getting caught in things...

((OOC: And so Fakir continues his search for his prince~. Feel free to give him some information, but not too much...Mytho-mun and I like angst and want Fakir's search for Mytho to take a while, so be only a bit helpful or deliberately unhelpful, whichever you please. XD Anyone who might see Fakir, he's still shirtless, so his slash-like scar (pictured in my previous entry) is viewable, his forest green hair is out of its normal ponytail, and he's mussed up as hell; he's only been focusing on finding Mytho, and not much else.))

Chapter 1: The Knight Awakens

[Voice Post]

W-what...? Where...?

Fire...warmth...Tutu...you saved...


Mytho! Mytho?! Where are you, moron-?!

W-what the hell?! Why do I have-?!

*The sound of a body hitting the floor...then the grunt of someone struggling to get back to his feet*

*voice low in his throat, tired, but impatient* ...Look...I don't know what is going on here, but I want to know where I am and why I'm here, and I want to know right now. This better be damn important...

I have to find Mytho...who knows what that moron has gotten himself into? Damn it...

[/End of Voice Post]

((OOC: Hello, everyone! This is Tory-mun, here playing Fakir from the anime Princess Tutu~. :D Strikes are thoughts, so as to help follow Fakir's chain of thinking so it's not so abrupt. Yeah, Fakir just woke up and he is freaked out. Anyone who would see him would see him with his hair all in his face, since he hasn't been able to tie it back, and since he is shirtless, they would see his "scar" birthmark.))